Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Twirling on the canal

.... some call it winding, some turning, today I call is a twirl as the weather was so nice !

Part of my justifications for moving my mooring was the prevalence of winding holes close to my mooring. Not too close of course as its nice to have a little bimble and twirl to essentially keep the water pump from 'welding' the impeller to the brass body as was I suspect the case in my overheating.

Where I moor there is a winding hole about 50 yards to the north.

So far I've not winded here as it has boats in it - I understand winding it with the permission of the owners of the canopy company.

On Thursday 11th  I went a bit further up and winded 40 minutes away (2 miles) just past Knighton woods. Nothing on the canal until just after I winded then another boat came along. I am a get off the back and pull it round type of fella if needed, apologies for the purists but it seems the most efficient way ? We stopped at Knighton woods on the rings and took a walk in the woods- lots of evidence of Pheasant rearing in there with the blue feeding containers?

The last time we were pointing north we took Percy to Tyrley and winded before the locks. This is just over 6 miles and takes us a good two and a half to three hours as there are quite a few moored boats ! We have walked into Market Drayton before from here which is a nice walk.

Now back at out home mooring pointing south to wind we go to the Grub street cutting winding hole just past the boats moored where the old Rolls Royce is - you'll know it if ever travelling through. This is another 45 minute there and 45 minute back option - just right for a little pootle. The winding hole is well protected so usually a no nonsense twirl.

For when we are feeling a little braver it's a wind at Norbury, Depending on the time of year and day of the week harder as loads of boats moored there in the winter but no audience, in the summer less boats more traffic and lots of watchers....we have so far avoided it. It's about three and a half miles and an hour and a half. 

The day out and day back cruise I did the other week is to High Onn wharf and is just over eight miles and about three and a half hours. A lovely cruise for a full day or as I did a cheeky overnight  

Finally in the local area the Wheaton Aston winding hole gets you out for a good engine stretch....twenty two and a half miles about 9 hours  - lovely countryside again, very rural up to Wheaton Aston and you can get the cheapest fuel on the system here. 

So as you can see lots of little trip with options for twirling. The real bonus is a few of the winding holes are remote and sheltered so makes for stress free winding.

As I am now pointing south I feel a High Onn trip to ease the new head gasket into full use.... !!

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