Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saloon help... care to share?

SOS....sort our saloon !!

When we brought Percy we were 'tested' in that it had:
  • No dinette
  • Fixed saloon  furniture
There were other things that we liked and we agreed that the two issues were solvable.

We have been a measuring and planning but cannot agree which way to go. We cannot add a dinette... we could if we lost the fixed bedroom but we don't want to do that.   So our options for eating are a desmo table or replace and improve on the drop leaf table we have at the moment.

As for seating... Rachel prefers loose, a two seater bed settee but we are not sure if we do this if we can add a captains chair also. We could just replace the tired cushions. As you all will know the L shape fixed is not the comfiest as it put all the weight on your bum.... and it is difficult to relax in.

We could just go with two captains chairs or similar....we already have 6 other berths (2 in the forecabin not ideal) so the make up settee is not essential.

So what do you have a why and how is it configured....Please help us make up our minds.... pics of your setup would be a real help?

Take care



Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hello Nev,

On one of my Pre Christmas posts There is a photo of our saloon area. Go to


Nev Wells said...

Hi Irene,,

Thanks for taking time to reply. I like your layout.... I fear we might be a little limited but it is an option, time for more measurements. Where do you keep the chairs for the table and where did you get the table from... it does not take up much room whereas the one we have is a standard gate leg job.

Sorry about the event.... if we could get off the drive we would have come over and ate some of the pies,



Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Ni Nev,

We have two folding chairs and two folding stools. They all store very nicely under the gunwale behind Ian's chair. I will post a photo on my blog for you to see. You might not believe it but we swapped our cooker for the table at a bric a brac shop. I have seen the same table at other antique type shops so hunting around or even going on ebay may bring some results. Hope this helps.


Robbie and Suzie said...

Hiya Neville,
Saw your post on Canal World and wondered if you fancied something like we have. You will find a pic here on our blog. It's quite simple but very effective.....we designed it based on Ikea folding chairs £9.99 the variation on this theme are could even use part of the table that you already have? Another idea that we played with was a dinette where the back rest of the seating could be pulled out (at the bottom) by a couple of inches making the seating much more comfortable when relaxing.


Nev Wells said...

Hi Irene & Suzie,

I am really grateful to you for taking the time to reply to my sos... both of your solutions have given us some food for thought. We are holding off for now as we are still unsure, we don't want to rush in and make a mistake we will be left with.... done that before !!

Take care

Kind regards

Nev & Rachel

Elly and Mick said...

Are you able to keep the end section of the L? I'd go for armchairs every time for a comfortable place to sit in the evening. If you could fit them in you could use a removable table in front of the fixed seat for dining and it would double as guest seating. Otherwise keep your existing table and store it against the bulkhead with folding chairs. We have a side table that folds up on that bulkhead. Maybe you could have one large enough for dining? Good luck on finding a solution and post a pic of the new layout. Elly (nb Parisien Star)

Nev Wells said...

Hi Elly,

Thanks for your comments. we have considered keeping the short section of the L, Not sure we could get two chairs in but then we thought about making it a drop down seat.... Rachel still favors a two seater settee and a captain chair.... still not sure so not doing anything at the moment !

Take care and happy cruising,