Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sometimes you just have to follow instinct...

Not a boating related post......other things are keeping us off the water at the moment. But that does not mean we (I) cannot get out and Sunday saw me spin my Honda Pan European up for a 120 mile run up into the peaks, ending up at a favourite cafe in Glossop.

We met up at CMC in Clay Cross to have a breakfast and a natter before riding out.

 So that's it other than to hopefully report on some good boating news at the weekend !


LittleInsect said...

I'm off to the Peak District first week in May on the new Hornet. You never know, maybe our paths will cross!

Nev Wells said...

Hi Sue,

Hope so, we are just off the A6 so if you want a coffee stop or a meet somewhere in the peak let me know, how's Dicks new CBS...?