Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top buying tip for 3 sims

We use 3 Internet when on board Percy. One annoyance is the 30 day limit on data purchases, we use a pay as you go Huawei E586 which allows 5 devices to connect and share the connection. We get a good HSPDA signal inside the boat.

I read on one of the forums about a 3 month sim deal so I investigated Amazon and sure enough for just over £10 you can buy a pre loaded 3gb sim that lasts for 3 months for just over a tenner.

Click here for the link

So that is what I am using now and it will last into June... If we use it up before then I have another waiting. Ideal and something to be recommended.

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Tom and Jan said...

Why don't you "tether" all your devices to a smartphone on a 3 "All you can eat data" plan at £15 per month. 300 minutes, 3000 text and unlimited internet? That way you have both a phone and data plan for £15

Halfie said...

Nev, we don't have a mifi device, but when aboard we use a Huawei E156G dongle. Could we use the sim card you're talking about in it? It does take a normal-size sim card, but I'm just worried about how to set it up so the computer recognises it etc. I remember setting up the dongle in the first place wasn't at all easy...

Nev Wells said...


You have to be on the one plan with 3 to have all you can eat data via a tethered device? I could not see this anywhere cheaper than just under 30 quid. The other all you can eat data plans are for one device only. How they know you are tethering is another question.

Halfie, yes it is a standard size sim. We just put it in and it worked. It sees the sim and reports on the data left and the time to expiry of the three months via a web page my3 ...its all detailed in the package. Could not be simplier... and cheaper. Just been aboard for three days and used about half a gig, nice to know we will not be needing to add data in 30 days. This sim should see us to June so that's all our data for three months for a tenner -result