Monday, 1 April 2013

Blimey that was refreshing

We are at Percy for a couple of days with both the dog Leia and the cat Lily. They are getting ever closer physically but not trusting of each other yet.

There are boats moving quite regularly now, it is amazing how this 'season' has just switched on. It might be that we did a fair bit of winter cruising this year and the lack of boats then has contrasted with the normality of the Fradley traffic. Not that I am complaining, I like our mooring here as we can watch the boats go by and they do sometimes provide entertainment at Hunts lock.

We also have the privilege ( although we pay for it) of a Fradley mooring. Fradley was solid yesterday (Easter Sunday) to the point boats were mooring between Hunts and Common lock. Interesting though that they were all moored above Common lock, not seen that before, they normally moor below Hunts opposite us.

We came back to 100% on the Smartgauge (thanks to the sun) so did not need to run the engine. However we were in the need of a moving boat so we waited until it was a Little quieter and took advantage of the lighter nights with a couple of hours cruising down to Alrewas ( full moorings) to wind. It was also a test for Lily of a moving boat. She was not too impressed but did tolerate the engine this time - last time she hid under the duvet !

It was fresh, especially the run to Alrewas with a bitter wind in our face. As the sun got lower it got colder but the back cabin stove do a great job of keeping us nice and warm. We both fit in the rear hatch so only Leia got cold.

You can just see NB the Cats whiskers below Bagnall lock

I winded the boat while Rachel went off to the Coop for supplies. By this time the boat traffic had stopped so I waited in the lock until she came back.

We ended up watering up from the water point put in for the Hunts lock boats. We prefer to do it last thing as it causes less confusion with boats going up Hunts as they assume you are waiting for the lock.

We only used 4% off the Smartgauge last night. I think the device is now getting better calibrated to the inputs and outputs.... as the manual says.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you out and about Nev. Give our best to Rachel.
:) Jaq and Les


Hi,didn't understand the techie bits but glad you had a rest and fine weather,lucky you having a log burner!!Love to both of you Pam.xx

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comment. You must come on board for a little cruise sometime soon, give Bill a new hobby !!

Unrelated, if you read this can you txt me Trish's number as I have seen a property she might be interested in. A nice little village store and post office.

Take care


Halfie said...

Nev - I should have made you aware before now of our movements. We've just cruised from Hopwas to Alrewas, passing nb Percy on the way, of course. I took a couple of photos before the camera battery ran out. Probably too late to meet up now ... making for Weston-on-Trent tomorrow.

Nev Wells said...


You are doing well in this bitter wind.... hopefully next week you will get a break from the cold. Sorry we missed you, hopefully next time you will be on your own (100%) boat,

Take care