Friday, 5 April 2013

Boating in the wind - top tip

Quite a few bloggers have posted about their recent travels whilst the wind is blowing hard.

It is one bit of weather that I try and avoid in a moving boat. I recall on time at Athersotne top lock we had relatives on and I foolishly gave him the tiller on Waterlily to get between the lock in the first  pound. He got well and truly grounded on the offside by the wind. Lots of spectators watched me, over a considerable time, get us out. One thing we see a lot on our moorings is lots of revs which of course reduced the water beneath the boat making the position only worse.

This gent was struggling with the wind at Hunts lock on Tuesday....

It got worse before he quite calmly recovered the position.

The reason  for the post is to remind me to get some form of flag put onto the front of Percy. As you can see in the photo the flag is telling of the wind direction and a good reason not to present the broadside of the boat to the wind. 

Of course it is always better to have the driving end blown around rather then the pointy end (unless you have those bow thruster things)

Off to Midland Chandlers to take advantage of their 20% sale !!


Carol said...

Poor bloke. That is a nightmare scenario for me. Didn't go up as far that last week when we had our snow cruise, we took the decision to be sensible and stay in Alrewas in case the river section closed. I promise to wave next year!! (Although Justin has a lovely sponsorship boat for sale and it is rather tempting to sell my house, but the time is just not quite right)

Nev Wells said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Selling up is a big change, I am sure when the time is right you will know,

Look forward to waving on your next trip where you hopefully will get a bit further,