Saturday, 20 April 2013

Leia's launch pad plus other jobs in sunshine !

Leia has had problems getting off the boat as the counter is painted and has no mat. Her back legs cannot get any purchase as she jumps off which has resulted in her getting a few wet back ends and a few brused ribs. So today I fitted some tiles, we tried a mat but that ended up in the cut as Leia launched herself. Quite simple and for the humans I fitted some antislip tread where you get on and off the boat.

I am sure you have all notices that big yellow thing in the sky.... well it was giving me around 7 amps today that soon replaced our overnight usage and got the Smartgauge back to 100%

So impressed was I that I swapped the gas fridge off gas to 12v and put the dab radio on charge as wel as the 3 dongle.  I like free stuff....

I took  the opportunity to knock down the sprouting willow that is alongside the boat and will put the solar panel in shade, after having done that I cut down some of the Silver Birch that was acquired when one of the trees was felled on the mooring here. Free fuel for the autumn.

A general mooring tidy up then took place and I ended the day fishing, a couple of Chub and a nice Roach. The Glen Grant has just been sampled and as the sun sets a bath, curry then maybe a late evening walk to end of a very enjoyable day.

One life, get out there and live it.


One Thing After Another said...

Glad you got the mate for leia. They look pretty smart too don't they? We love ours!

One Thing After Another said...

Meant to say mats not mate! Damn iPad!

Steve Parkin said...

We just passed you around 6:00 whilst you were fishing. I waved and said hello but I don't think we registered - you were concentrating on the fish.

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the inspiration for getting the job done. Not only does it give Leia the grip she needs but as you say they look good also.


Very sorry to be so ignorant....I was in wind down mode, the beer was helping. I normally recognise fellow bloggers. I did enjoy listening to Albert as you approached Hunts and then left. Ironically Rachel commented on your boat, she does not normally, and said you were looking over, we had assumed you knew Tony and were wondering why his boat was moored up at Fradley. We hope you have a good cruise.


Steve Parkin said...

Yes, I have known Tony for a while. He also did some work on our injector pumps a couple of years ago. I took a picture of your boat and then connected his name and your blog! Bit slow there - it must be the effects of boating or perhaps old age?