Thursday, 2 May 2013

Aarrrgghhhh I need boating

Its all right for you lot out there happily retired cruising the canals in this superb sunshine, some of us have to work for a living and some of us just don't like it.

I wake up with Chris Evans every morning.... it ok the wife knows about it, and he is so sodding cheerful !! I had to turn him off this morning as he was really getting on my man boobs.

All should be ok as I have a week aboard next week to take Percy to have his bottom blacked at Norbury. We chose Norbury so we could go back to the Shroppie and combine it with a mini holiday for my mum. Load up Saturday, depart Sunday. I expect it will be so very different from when we were out earlier in the year when we saw no more than a handful of boats all day.

What's the betting on number of boats at Colwich lock...?


John and Louise said...

We'll keep a look out for you then Nev. We're heading up beyond Great Heywood for the long weekend and will be back at Kings Bromley Monday afternoon, so our paths should finally cross. Have you got any plans for mooring up on Sunday night ??

Nev Wells said...

Hi John,

Not sure yet,it will depend if we host a picnic on the mooring before we depart on Sunday as it is my mums birthday on the Saturday and some of my sisters may want to come and see mum and help us through the fradley locks on the Sunday. My outline plan is to get to Wolsey bridge so we can go to the pub for a meal sunday evening. It would be good to meet, even if it is hovering mid canal. I do expect it to be quite busy but that can be part of the fun.

We will look out for you,


Tom and Jan said...

You're the first male of heard of who is anxious to grow old and wrinkly. Haven't you heard about the aches and pains!

Nev Wells said...


I have them now so getting older just means more of the same. Not anxious to get old anxious to get on the cut before I get old