Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fuel consumption

More for me than general interest.

I last filled up Percy on the 30th December NB Callisto was the supplier. I had commented that to the point I had cruised for 28 hours. The engine hours counter is now on 49 hours plus 37 not on the counter.... Total 86 hours of engine running. If I take off the 28 hours I had cruised before the last fill up that gives me 54 hours and I have just added in 50 litres at Turners. So getting very close to a litre an hour.

A fair bit of those engine hours have been non moving battery charging while on the mooring. Interesting that once the alternator has been excited it makes no difference to the charging rate by increasing the revs,  ( one benefit of the Smartgauge giving voltage information at different engine speeds) so we have been charging the batteries tick over whereas on Waterlily I ran the engine at about 1500 rpm to get maximum voltage into the battery. We used about 1.1 litres an hour on Waterlily.

So all in all the Lister is quite efficient in its fuel use for gain delivered.....

Note I composed this post before the return trip from Norbury

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