Thursday, 9 May 2013

..and the four counties cruisers cruise on

We have just lit the fire. We are between bridges 13 and 14 and Brewood. It's blowing hard outside and the rain is in there somewhere ! You can tell those on the week long four counties cruise as they are still passing by when all other sensible people are moored up. Bit hard on them as I am sure we have all done it but it really is blowing hard and as we all know canal boats are a lot harder to handle in such strong wind.


Blue Moon said...

They won't be going far ....big tree down at Gnosall.

Nev Wells said...

.....arse, missed that one, we are due passed there tomorrow, hope CaRT get their act together and clear it. Tanks for the warning,


Elsie said...

Hi sorry I missed you, hope you are enjoying your new boat. Have a good holiday.