Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mooring rope

Any reason for an overnighter. We arrived lateish last night for 24 hours, main reason was to replace the bow and stern mooring ropes with 2 x 15 metre 14mm ropes I sourced from eBay. The pair were a tad over £25 whereas Midland Chandlers wanted to charge £3.50 a metre so 30 metres would have cost me 4 times as much !

I took advice from the Internet  forums and used the boat length x 0.8 to give a guide to the length. Having brought too short in the past it is better to nick some off the end rather than try and splice more on!

I have given up with C&RT putting the correct mooring rings on here at Hunts. They came about a year ago and spray painted the locations but then never turned up to add the rings. The variety of chains and hooks used will damage the pilings and be a larger cost in the long term. Plus what am I getting for my £1500 ?

.....and relax. Anyhow for info moorings were to be had at Fradley last night. It will be interesting to see how the place fills later today. There are boats moving now which is good but it does show how much the ropes have to do and why my error of judgement on leaving the fender rope on the bow was realised.

Some fettling with the engine today, and a run to get the oil about and remind it what its job is, not just sitting there looking pretty.



nb Chance said...

Hi Nev, there were 2 spaces available when we stayed there wednesday night. Where are all the boaters? Sorry we missed you. Doug

Nev Wells said...


Seems I might have been a bit previous as last night it was full again, there are a few mooring on the new pontoon moorings on the car park side which are badly labelled as for permit holders only? Shame we missed you, we must spend more time aboard, but we both live so close to work it would be adding a half hour commute... still gotta give it a go sometime. Enjoy the travels .....