Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Time to winterise .....

....the mooring that is. It will be a few more weeks before we have to worry about the gas heater and frosts.

Yesterday (19th August ) was my last day on holiday and we had returned to Percy Sunday evening after going home for a birthday meal with my sons and one girlfriend on Saturday night.

So Monday AM I drove Rachel to work then returned to the boat via Shobnall chandlers where I brought a new gas cylinder and some raddle red top coat, plus a full english for the workers!! I then popped into B&Q and brought a small 900 watt lawnmower so as to not have to keep lugging my heavy petrol mower from home. The little Flymo did the mooring running off the inverter and used about 20% of the batteries.

It was a trade off between weight and power and lightness and time. We can keep the little mower on the mooring now so always available for a quick short back and sides.

Re the winterisation, our mooring is sloped to a flat strip adjacent to the pilings and there were three steps of a kind, far from ideal and all with small landings on them.

I brought 4 x cheap slabs from B&Q and now it looks and performs a lot better, plus a lot safer in the wet and frosts, remember them?

On Saturday we went for a walk to Streethay. I think about 6 miles. We have not done this before but it was quite a nice walk and puts the Plough into the equation especially if we taxi back after a meal and a couple of drinks !!

Nice sight

 Full summer vegetation makes the tow path quite beautiful 

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KevinTOO said...

Does Rachel know about your 'one girlfriend' ? LOL