Saturday 31 August 2013

When not to go boating

Is there such a time? Well if you want a busy cut then try August bank holiday Monday !

So to catch up..... the week before saw us overnighting and staying put but we had a great walk to Streethay. We wanted a price on boat painting, I could not talk to anyone there so left a number, I was phoned back but am waiting now on an email enquiry, recession what recession ?

The towpaths are as full as they will be all year

Darley looking good

In the evening after late food we were hailed by NB Cepheus who asked if they could have temp moorings on the pilings next to us. Not really our call but it was 9.30pm dark and Mandy our neighbour was away and they said they would be gone first thing.

The following weekend we were only able to get aboard for the day, and fancied moving Percy, only problem was it was August bank holiday Monday. We were hailed twice by blog readers, sorry I did not get your names, but it was nice to know someone other than me reads my musings.

There were boats moving at very regular intervals and despite volunteers on the locks it still took us over an hour to get past Junction lock.

Zoom in, and check the centre line mooring, to his credit it was well above head height.

What a great sight, we have met Chertsey a few times on the cut and always seem to get the approach shot, a quick hello then the stern shot ....

Not heard much from this fella recently.

We had a nice lunch, winded at the Hatherton junction then a slow cruise back, still many boats on the move after 6pm.

Then back to work !


Lisa said...

Hello Nev,
Twas I hailing you from our boat on Bank Holiday Monday, wasn't it fun there at Piccadilly Circus?? We were disposing of 3 guests who had been staying with us for 5 days. (I remember someone once saying that fish and guests go off after three days) but Hey Hoe, the pub wasn't much better than the canal that day!!!!!
NB What a Lark

Nev Wells said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry it has taken some time to respond to the comment. It was nice to get a quick hello, apologies if I looked a little taken aback, I was not expecting to get recognised (well i know it was Percy who got recognised but you know what I mean. )

I tried to find your blog?

Take care