Monday, 9 September 2013

Nobody will talk to me....%-( (PS NB Rock and Roll is for sale)

I read and hear of recession. However the I think the canny are scaling back to increase the demand, or certainly not expanding and chasing business.

I have asked for contact by personal visit and email for boat painting quotes and internal reconfiguration quotes...... all quiet. At home I have chased three arboriculturists for quotes to remove three big conifers from my garden, chase being the operative word.

It is hard work trying to get work done, especially when you have a day job.

Anyhow, work (slow) in progress on that one. I should have booked Norbury for painting when I had Percy blacked but they were quoting September at the beginning of the year.... and today's date !!

Anyhow what can I say, part time boater me. I can't even blame the bike, its just lots of life things penning me back. I was on a treadmill at the Royal Derby covered in electrodes last week, thankfully the problem is not a problem, well that one was not. Other scans and visits make me feel old age (51!) has little to commend it.

Anyhow I'll stop being a moaning old bugger and look forward to the day the trees come down and the wood I'll have to burn on my patient lonely stove. It is one of the blessings of boating a wood burning stove and the autumnal colours on the cut (before the leaves drop and stop your progress).

Two final thoughts. Read Les & Jaqs blog, challenging times but no better fighting force than deep love and affection, you are in my thought every day you pair.

Another blogger seems to be onto other things (edited now as I have read they are having a widebeam built so staying on the cut) resulting in the sale of their boat. Link here to the blog with the details and link here to the Apolloduck ad. It is a fantastic liveaboard boat. My loyalty to Percy was tested for a short while, but the green tint has gone and the old lump still hold my affection and fascination.

Just need to get aboard, but off now to talk to a man who hopefully will turn up to discuss replacing some misting up double glazing and the house.

O and some plans are forming.... watch this space !


Carol Palin said...

Thanks for the mention and links Nev - it’s the cut all the way for us and the rivers too!

Nev Wells said...

Good to hear that, good luck with the sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nev if you need any carpentry done inside Percy I can recommend Adele Banks has her own business watercolour solutions she lives in Burton on trent she did the work on Shellbell
. hope you are keeping well

Nev Wells said...

Hi Norwyn,

Thanks for the recommendation. We may get a price from her. Keeping well thanks, not tempted back on the canals?

Anonymous said...

Always tempted Nev but unfortunately my mother is 91 and a bit reliant on us being around.