Sunday, 29 September 2013

The next chapter....what will it be

We are on the boat tonight, it's been a bitter sweet couple of weeks, and we now have a weeks holiday. We were planning to have Rachel's mum on board but the weather forecast is not too great so we may have to revise that plan and also where we go to. Stone was the destination but we may just take it as it comes....

Callum our youngest is away to Kent today to start a new job as a trainee stockbroker, he has done so very well to get his 2:1 and a full time job in his chosen discipline. Tom our eldest moved into his new house last weekend and we helped him achieve the next stage of his life plan.

So now it leaves us looking forward to the next stage of our life journey. Work has some questions to answer for both of us that may form part of our decision making. Our home is now a large house that we need to spend some time on to get it at least ready for the market if we decide to sell.... Then it could be anything from reinvigorated careers to chucking the lot in and doing something completely different. All bets are off so we could do anything .... Who knows.

Tomorrow we go boating so it can't be all bad ?

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