Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Beer and wind... thankfully unrelated

So Leia wanted to go for a walk and the pub was on the way. What are you supposed to do, we need to keep these local pubs going.

I scrabbled around in my pockets and found just enough for a pint so the Mucky Duck got a bit of my custom. It was cold and windy out on the benches but knowing I'd be warm and fed up 24 hours later when back in my office I went for the beer with a view experience.

True to its reputation for a gongoozlers paradise a boat came very slowly up the Coventry and turned north onto the T&M. They then tried to moor just up from the pub but very quickly got into difficulty with the wind. As the fella was off the boat the front end caught the wind and soon had the boat across the canal. At this point I stopped being a gongoozler and became a boater again and went to help. Eventually we got the boat into the bank and moored up. The lady companion told me they had been to the shipyard (!) to have the boat checked out and they had only owned her for a week. It was a Teddesley plastic top just like Comet our first fully owned boat. I was somewhat humbled when she told me the fella was 70 and his dream was to own a narrowboat, this was it. I gave some comforting words about boating in the wind and practice makes perfect and left them to a cup of tea, they both looked frozen. It did so remind me of out first trip out to Streethay... 

Anyhow prior to the walk the grass got cut, I am really pleased with my £50 mower, does the job and it is always there. I ran the engine this time while mowing and it took 3% from the batteries rather than 27% last time.

I still could not get the cap off the chimney so it will be destruction next time after buying a replacement on the way from MC.

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