Monday, 16 September 2013

Stuck solid !

Well I made it to the boat.... to cut the bloody grass again. I thought it would be nice to light the boatmans stove but the chimney cap is stuck solid. Lesson learnt there, apply a smear of oil before capping it next time.

I have given it a blast of easing oil and will look at it later. Plan B is destruction !

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Location:United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

As a fellow biker Nev, you must have a tub of copper grease somewhere. Brunel wouldn't have had any problems with the Great Eastern if he had a tub.

Nev Wells said...


Good idea, I have indeed got some copper grease I brought for the brakes on the Pan. Problem is getting the cover off. I have left it hopefully getting a bit of penetrating oil, if it is still stuck it'll be plan b !

Anonymous said...

The bikers gospel.

If it moves and it shouldnt, gafer tape
If it doesn't move and it should, WD40
If it still doesn't move, pass the hammer

Yogi NB Rae said...

Sharp clout with the hammer Nev, had to deal with the same problem of both my cousins chimneys on NB Chetwynd