Thursday, 7 November 2013

Slow up fast down

I like a hobby or two.... when not on the boat I have been experimenting with quadcopters and flight boards/software/electronics.

Now I have to start again. Good job it was not filming the canals which is what I wanted it to do eventually !!


  1. Amazing! It was all going so well, too. Especially after you tilted the camera down to lose the bright sky. At least you were able to recover it.

  2. Ouch, that looked expensive! :(

  3. Ooops, expensive and it was going so well. Never mind, part of the enjoyment is building or rebuilding them. I will hook up the flight controller to the computer and download the telemetry. I need to get it right before I try and film the canals !! It was the a Gopro camera, very hardy and set to take HD video at the same time as a photo every 5 seconds so i'll upload the best image soon.