Friday, 1 November 2013

The carpentry cruise

.... may not happen this weekend, it depends how much more rain we get and what the Trent does.

By way of explanation. We want some work done on the kitchen to make the boat more habitable for longer stays. We have a gas fridge that by all accounts is still the best mode of cold food on board. This is especially so as Percy only has 220ah of battery capacity. The fridge is a good working three way and when cruising we drop it to 240v and it get very cold but uses up the free power we generate when the batteries are topped up.

We want it dropping down under the worktop to open up the kitchen a little. We also want a new work top and sink unit. We would like to replace the fridge with a flying cupboard to keep some storage but still take advantage of the extra work space for maybe a small microwave.

I have one estimate but would like Justin at Aqua narrowboats to have a look. His joinery is excellent and we know we would get a good job done. If the weather stops the mini cruise down to Willington we may have to see if Justin will come to the boat.

We do not mind rainy cruising, you get more of the canal to yourself and the scenery takes on a bucolic feel. Our other boats would have been less appealing, Sylph and Comet both being cruiser sterns cold lonely places in the winter. Waterlily had a covered semi trad back, still cold a little less wet but difficult to use in position to get in and out of the boat. Percy has a great railways guardsman stove next to the trad back end and with the doors shut and the hatch partially closed it is a warm and dry place to be. An umbrella can be used in the really bad rain.

So we will be aboard, depends if the rain keeps coming and the Trent comes up..... watch this space !


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

If you do manage your mini cruise we are moored at Branston Water park for tomorrow and poss for Sunday as well. Then next stop will be Willington. Give us a shout as you pass by or better still, stop for some light refreshments.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Irene & Ian,

Will do, depends on the Trent now, can't find any news on its state at the moment. Might just have to drive to Percy and stop and check. If we do go then we will most probably stop at Branston Sat night for a earlyish start Sunday to Mercia.