Sunday, 10 November 2013

Under some pressure

..... in more ways than one but that is another story......

The pressure my 'Sun' like headline refers to is oil pressure, let me explain.....

Yogi has recently had a Lister CS 2 put into his boat and we have been exchanging information. We got onto the question of oil pressure. Now the CS2 has a splash system - there are dippers on the crankshaft that basically flick oil all over the inners of the engine. It get this oil from a trough that is replenished by a simple plunger type pump. (the pump does also have dedicated oilways to get oil to important parts of the inner engine, all simple, and I like simple, it reminds me a lot of myself !

Anyhow when Tony Redshaw marinised my Lister he added an external oilway from the top of the pump that had a sight glass in line that returned the oil to the sump. Very simple and elegant with one drawback, you could only 'check it  maybe on startup then close the valve to allow the oil to go to where is should go to and not be allowed to use the sight glass route.

I wanted to have a constant visual check the pump was pumping - paranoid I know as these things go on for ever with very little attention in the off grid generator community.

So I purchased and fitted the correct oil pump. Rather than explain I'll show you it working

Nice sound.....I nearly nodded off when bringing Percy back to Willington, such a sweet rhythmic sound.

Anyhow it works and shows me I have oil pumping, so Yogi, a reasonable investment £30 from Stationary engine parts, link here

Now the pump is very basic, there is a replacement that is described as better machined so I think I'll order one up and fit at some point  - after all it is a pretty important part of the boat, plus it is a pleasure working on and around the engine in the light and warmth and the dry !! !!


Halfie said...

Gorgeous sound!

Nev Wells said...

Thanks John, so have you got a extended crusing plan for next year yet?

Halfie said...

No, not yet. I expect we"ll have a couple of weeks at Easter, but nothing planned as such yet.