Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The greaseomatic update

One of the engineering technologies if there is such a thing fitted to Percy was a Greaseomatic automatic greaser for the stern gland. I blogged about it here.

I was going to set it for 9 months but I greedily opted for 12 and recently after moving Percy back to his home mooring realised I needed to check the stern gland drip tray. I installed a small electric pump off eBay and used it to remove a couple of litres of T&M finest indicating the greaser was ready to be replaced.

I had a spare that went on for another 12 months, hopefully with some more cruising it may not make the full 12 months.

Before I forget I need to order a couple more, not cheap at nearly 20 quid a piece but for the piece of mind of continuous protection worth the money. I guess if I ever do the CCing then I'd revert back to a manual greaser.

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