Saturday, 22 March 2014

It was something we were visioning when we first considered Percy, the kitchen and the lounge... One down and just the furniture to add to the other.

It's ok doing the work ( well Adele did most of the technical stuff) but at some point you have to enjoy it.

Today we have been viewing houses, maybe more on that later, but we ended up on board after treating ourselves to a dine in for 2 M&S special.

So the kitchen is now a working space once again, all plumbed in and with a new addition to the boat - a microwave. Not for primary use but useful, and another cooking source should be ever run out of gas.... Not that we should.

Once again thank you Adele a great job done to time to quality and to budget. A thanks to Norwyn ex of Shellbell who passed on Adele's contacts, thanks Norwyn, if you are ever this way let me know and I'll buy you a pint in the mucky duck.

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Location:The finished product



Looking good Nev!

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Big sis .... Nice name btw, very appropriate.

Norwyn Parker said...

it was a pleasure Nev but will keep you to the pint someday