Wednesday, 9 April 2014

For no other reason ...

... Other than to reappear on those who graciously put me on their blog roll.

The no blogging does not mean we have not been engaged, ill health, houses and jobs have all conspired to keep us away from Percy. More about those issues maybe later in the months to come.

I have been to Percy, all carpets are fitted and the boat is now very comfortable. The oil pump, or rather a method of checking it is doing its job still entertains. I have redone my initial install after a slight weep was detected, it shows initial pressure but as the oil gets hotter the pressure drops, I guess to be expected, this is where Tony's install was most probably better as by opening a small screw it allowed some oil to bypass the splash system via a sight glass. The sight glass was always difficult to see and sitting typing this it occurs to me if I painted one side of the glass white the black oil would obliterate it showing flow..... Mmmm thanks for that self reflection is a good thing... sometimes.

We may well visit Percy this weekend to wind him, sounds like a baby ! We prefer to have the bow pointing north as it puts the saloon so we sit looking onto the canal and the preferable engine room doors with the inverter land side for lawn mowing !!

For no other reason than I like em... Here are a few previously used pics

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