Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wait for it......

.....News that is, some to come for the blog.

In other news we actually moved Percy today, ok it was to Alrewas below Bagnall lock to wind and come back. We like being this way around, pointing north, that will be our first route of escape should the day come !!

We did not get to the boat till gone 4 so the canal was quiet with half a dozen boats moving. Alrewas looked rammed as I presume Fradely is as there are boats below Hunts, a usual sign. Tomorrow will be grass cutting again, hurray, as we are off on some other holidays that does not include the boat that should appear on the blog at some point soon.

Off the alcohol at the moment which makes me feels slightly better but is harder when on the boat as I like to raise a glass of whiskey to my old dad as he would have loved the boat.

It'll be interesting to see how busy the canal is tomorrow when all the shops shut and people cannot shop.



Dad would have loved the boat,but what's the betting he would have fallen in the water after a glass or 5!! Pam

Nev Wells said...

Many a time I thought he would end up in the water when we were fishing. Still laugh when I think of the time we were fishing the canal with Eddie and dad was pretty drunk and doling out the beer, he walked up to a complete stranger who was fishing nearby and put a can of beer next to him, not sure if he was being kind or so drunk he confused him with me or Eddie, the bloke was happy to take the beer !