Friday, 25 April 2014

We're off to see the wizard.......

No, I am not on the wacky bacey we have travelled 5,000 miles in 18 hours and arrived in America to see relatives and friends.

We left home 6am yesterday and went to bed 4am the next day, it is now before 6am again US time as we get our body locks in some order.

Kansas is the home of Rachel's aunt Alison and it is so nice to see where she lives and meet Rachel's cousin and his family Stephen. Family has always been so important to me so it is good to keep the links.

We are staying on the retirement complex where Alison lives. Now Rachel's dad moved to a retirement compleat in Kilburn near Belper prior to his death. It was nice with a communal lounge and warden.

We are staying in a hotel on Alison's retirement complex. It has four restaurants, three beauty salons and indoor and outdoor pool, a nine hole golf course and a gym. So quite close in scale really !!

It is a wonderful place to retire to, so safe and supportive.

We flew into Newark airport New York and got a three hour transfer to Kansas. All went very well, a small delay in Newark, we were one of 14 planes taxiing on the runway to get out, one was landing as one was taking off...One thing that has not changed it the tight security, it really is intense but sadly needed so we fully support it.

Some people do not like America, I love the country and would one day like to have a road trip over here seeing all four corners.

One in and lots waiting to go out....

A good shot looking at Manhattan Island with the New York skyline in the middle. We will be there some point in the next two weeks when we fly back in to visit friends who live out Princeton way.

For those train spotters amongst us... A rather large stock yard on the outskirts of Kansas

Only thing missing is Toto or rather Leia who is holidaying on a farm in Derbyshire.

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