Monday, 28 April 2014

Dream come true, I will be living on Percy

In July or before I will be a livaboard for the first time.

Things have been going on in the forefront of our lives but the background of the blog. Our plans have swung wildly such as this time in our lives allows.

It would not be correct to blog about the journey we have been on, we will save that to face to face chats as they come, but the public news is I will be living on Percy.

I rather than we as the other news is Rachel has a new and very important and prestigious job........ In Portsmouth. It really is a pinnacle of career job so could not be easily turned down. Derby's loss is Portsmouths gain. So we will be LAT's ( live apart together) flexible jobs means not too much time apart with us alternating between living down south and on Percy. Now you can see why we have been getting Percy ready to our standards for long term living.

Our house is on the market and we will decide what to do as and when we sell re long term property location.

So my dream is to come true of living on the canals for a period yet to be decided. It does give us plenty of options and once again maybe not really things to blog about. We started the year looking for adventure and a few risks maybe, well it has morphed into this.

So the blog may well get more canal related as I start my occupation as a live-a-board.

Any one of you reading this who knows the Portsmouth, South Downs area re property we would welcome advice on good locations to rent/buy, we need good friends and a bit of hand holding right now!

It might be too much to expect but if you have a property or know of one to rent or house share for a while until Rachel gets to know the area, please get in touch.

Anyhow now we are off to Kansas Zoo, surreal or what !!


Adam said...

Well we live just outside Chichester, so if we can help, give us a shout.

KevinTOO said...

WOW, congratulations both, just a slight lifestyle change then?

LittleInsect said...

well done for taking the plunge (hopefully not literally!). Good luck with the job Rachel

Halfie said...

I hope all goes well, Nev and Rachel. Who will get Leia?

Phil "Coops" Cooper said...

More than slightly jealous.

Nev Wells said...


Thanks, we might well be back in touch for more advice/info.

Kevin, yes some change but worth a go, we have a 60 foot escape vessel at the ready if it does not work out.

Sue, hopefully no plunges and thank from Rachel re the job best wishes

Halfie, Leia will live with me and Lillie the cat with Rachel.

Phil, you can come visit !

Sue said...

Ah ha, that is my home town or just north of it. Plenty of houses to rent in Portsmouth if you want to be a townie but of course there are some lovely villages to the north of portsdown hill.

If you need furnishings for your house let me know I can orgainise some 'mates rates' at Southsea Nets.. Daughter Wendie loves to serve my narrowboating frineds!

Nev Wells said...

Hi Sue,

Another person to run places by as we look to rent/buy. As to the mates rates, I like that thank you and I am sure as and when Rachel is settled and sorted accommodation wise will be looking to meet your daughter. Take care and hope to read some positive news on that engine sometime soon.

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Wow Nev,
I am just getting my chin above the water line so to speak and catching up with our fellow boaters. This is surprising news! Keeping fingers crossed that all falls into place. Hugs to you and Rachel,

Boatbird said...

I'm not in the Portsmouth area so can't help you with that but I do wish you well for living aboard.
I hope it suits you as well as it does me - 8 years now and still love it. John and I are also of the LAT arrangement due to work, for now, which seems to suit us well.
Anyway, good luck with it all and best wishes.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Jaq and Boatbird, thank you both for your kind comments there is no one telling me living aboard is a bad thing, but I guess those who try it and give up do not frequent these blogs or forums. However the joy of living aboard comes over from all that I engage with. The LAT will be the biggest challenge as we have been waking up together for 30 years now, but if we miss each other too much then the 5 year cruise will start a Lille earlier than planned.

Unknown said...

Well! Congratulations to Rachel and living on Pecy will be just your cup of tea and an American adventure too!! In the modern parlance I am well jel!! Love Pamxx

Unknown said...

Good luck Nev hope it all goes well

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Nev

Have only just caught up with your blog – blame the iPad – congratulations to you both and hope all goes well.

Skype will be the answer for during the week, I guess.

We'll look out for you as we come back through Fradley next month.

All the best


Nev Wells said...

Hi Bruce Sheila and Norwyn,

Thank you for your supportive comments. Yes Skype on our all you can eat data 3 package will be very well used.

Not sure we (I) will be aboard next month, we may well be house hunting somewhere.... but if there looks like life aboard please stop for a chat,

Take care and good you are out cruising again,