Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Boat painting.... suggestions encouraged

Lat year I booked Percy in to have a complete repaint. (gulp)

We did this as I blogged about for our last boat Waterlily and were very happy with the job Justin at Mercia did. However when talking to him months after he admitted it would have been easier for him to give me £500 and not bring the boat in. Honest and now he does not offer boat painting !!

So I did a trawl of the forums and got some good reviews of John Sandersons work. He was with Phil Speight and took over Phil's business when Phil semi retired.

Link to his web pages here....Click me

We had to book year and a bit in advance which gave me some confidence there was a good demand for Johns work.

Last year I went over to meet John and look at his work in progress, plus talk options on colours. Now we still have no great idea on what colour we should opt for. In some ways we would like to keep with the maroon but its a real fader.... John advises he has a much darker red that  might appeal. We like the green we had Waterlily painted in, not sure with Percy's portholes and smaller windows it would look the same.... some thinking for sure.

One thing we will do is replace the five windows (we will leave the portholes as they are but polish them up as they come out) I have an appointment with a window company who are visiting next week to measure up so I can be sure I have the windows that fit and have them in time to refit after the paint job.

I would prefer a hopper type as the sliders are good but not for leaving open overnight (if it rains while asleep the water pours in !!) I like to sleep with the windows open and go to sleep listening to the night.

I just might have to find somewhere to live in the autumn while Percy is being painted !!


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

We have hopper windows in all but the galley window where we changed that one for a slide. It helps to eradicate cooking smells when fully opened and bring a bit of cool air in during the hot summer months. Might be worth thinking about.


Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comment. I think that is my route, only concern is the windows on Percy are quite small so I guess I may need to see one made up a s a hooper before I commit. I do like the slider by the kitchen for the reasons you cite,

Take care and enjoy the summer cruise,


Blue Moon said...

Hi Nev,

Sounds like you have the same dilemmas as us. We have Blue Moon booked in next April with Andy Russell and can't wait, but we're still not 100% on the colour scheme, although we keep coming back to black and dark grey with a red handrail and roof.

Windows too, as the Polish ones that are in have seen better days and we are seriously considering double glazing. We visited a few companies at Crick and have chosen the company to use after seeing all the various products on offer. Just waiting for the quote to arrive (gulp).

We are intending to have the painting and windows done in one hit as it seems to make sense. Lets call it my retirement present to myself.....308 days and counting !!

Alf said...

How about the full hopper type windows as seen on Black Prince boats ?

Bruce in Sanity said...


can't help with the colour scheme, but Mercia Marina ahs some really nice lodges you can stay in whilst it's being done ;))

All the best


Nev Wells said...

Lol.... A good bit of selling. You never know I might just be interested,