Monday, 9 June 2014

...Call that a boat lift

Just sorting through some old pics and video and I found a video I took last year when we called by the Strepy - Thieu boat lift on the bikes on the way back from Luxembourg

Click below for the Wiki info on it

Click here....

I took a three minute video of it taking numerous boats up, it is worth watching or fast forwarding to the lifting bit.

We have yet to do the Anderton, I am not being disrespectful as the Anderton was built for doing a specific job as the Strepy was. Just many year before so respect for the builder of both lifts.

The Anderton lift is on the list of things to do in my own boat, alongside the Ponty aqueduct and the river Thames by the houses of Parliament.

For now just enjoy the engineering involved in this lift.


  1. The lift looks great Nev, I've yet to do the Anderton myself too. But soon I'll be doing the Ponty, I've been across it before a few times, but never as me at the helm, so that'll be a first. Hope I can hold my nerve, aqueduct's have never been my favourite's after a windswept horror on the Stratford. It'll have to be a dead calm day :) Take care Jacquie

  2. Good luck with the aqueduct, I do not like heights so when it is my turn I may well put Percy on tickover and go to the toilet for 20 mins !! It'll be like those hook a ducks, just following the channel ? Let's hope the weather gods are on your side and still and sunshine are the order of the day.

  3. No need to worry about the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Sue (nb No Problem) recently 'abandoned ship' and left me with the tiller, no harm done thankfully :) LOL

  4. Wrong link, sorry, try this one...