Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tipping point

Picture first.....

I guess there comes a time when acquiring is replaced by disposal. Sometimes slowly, other times like now for us with some focus. Moving homes or to boats focusses the mind and so it was today the first batch of charity boxes and loaned out furniture was loaded into CRV. We called it the tipping point in our lives. From now on in the house will become less a home and the changes come thick and fast, we wanted an adventure!

It's 'less is more' - a good strapline for a 5' 6" boater I guess !!

One good think about having the boat already is much of what is needed is there, just clothes to sort, so there may be more disposal in the coming weeks. All to the charity shops, paying it forward a little bit as well as we have 'been there done that' for car boots and not too enamoured with the expectations of the Ebay buyers out there. We have been lucky to have been able to acquire so much 'stuff' so let someone else have the benefit of our stuff?

Keeping a home in bricks and mortar helps as there is not a complete disposal challenge, I doubt we could do that, too many memories.

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