Monday, 12 January 2015

And then there were three - well four actually

Yep it battery update time.

Percy came with a lowly 180am/h battery bank. Two 90's and a starter - all standard open as I refer to them wet cell types. I replaced them within a month or so with a couple of cheap 110's same again open - or the type you 'should' top up.

In November last year out went the old abused open types to be replaced with a couple of sealed maintenance free 110's and I replaced the starter at the same time . I should of brought 135's but the scrooge in me took over in the shop and for a reason I still do not know I came out with a pair of 110's.

Since then I have not been happy with the performance, might be they need a really good charge, they have had a few long charges. I don't have much in the way of expensive battery management that tells me of the stages etc that some boaters have. I have a Smartgauge that tells me a % and voltage of the leisure side and starter side.

Problem was to add a third I needed to be creative as space was an issue. Tony had two inverters, an old mechanical Red line job and a sterling. The latter I use, the former disconnected. The former is under a cover just across from the main battery bank, with the sterling above it obviously connected to the battery bank. So I have removed the Redline and  put in a third 110 connected via some hefty 240amp cables.  It is nicely hidden but will need a more secure fitting when the weather improves. All in all I think a good solution, time will tell, so now I am back where we were on Waterlily with three 110's and that was ok.

The engine is getting a bit of a run, I took the trouble to add a fibre washer to the oil pump as there has been a weep. All this on a 5am start and 230 miles plus a days work.... veg hotpot is in the oven that my lovely wife made me yesterday.... that'll go down with a nightcap and hopefully I will sleep for England tonight, goodness knows I need it !!

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