Monday, 19 January 2015

There's one thing doing it in the light...

Yesterday I met up with Maffi - a chance meeting as I did not know he had made it to Fradley. We had a great walk in the late winter sun to Woodend lock and had a chat with my friend Adele who did some  work on Percy last year.

Tonight I got back to the boat and Leia had been home alone all day after Rachel left to go south in the morning. I was not too hungry on returning from work  so after riddling the fire, de-ashing it ( the home fire ovals are good but produce too much ash so Excel is my fuel of choice....) we set off for a blackness walk to Woodend. It was great, my favourite bit of canal so quiet and atmospheric and frosty.

Anyhow after a great walk out and back we had our food (rice sweetcorn and peppered mackerel for me) and some of the same with dog biscuits for Leia we are settled down ready for bed in a pleasant 24c cabin thanks to the Morso !

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