Saturday, 10 January 2015

Quality on-canal moorings available

In case you are thinking of making a move from a Marina or just want a different on line mooring. Our friend Adele has taken Woodend Cottage and has the moorings. There are now some vacancies. Not sure of the lengths but worth a call if you are interested.

Best way to contact her is via the following Facebook page.

Click me 

Please circulate if you feel you want to.



Sue said...

Oh those are lovely moorings Nev with room for a garden too. One of these days I will be looking for something like that..

Mandy Wright said...

I just hope that the report that HS2 is no longer going to demolish these moorings are true!!

Nev Wells said...

Apparently so, just a shame the HS2 deep pockets found 650k to buy the cottage. Someone hit lucky I guess.