Saturday, 14 February 2015

30 years

Today is our 30 year wedding anniversary. 30 years 😍 together, through much but nothing like some have to endure. We have two intelligent and responsible sons, a beautiful daughter in law, a beautiful and intrepid girlfriend in law if such exists.

We got married on Valentine's  day which over the years, whilst romantic, has resulted in celebrations in quiet, sometimes  romantic locations but not restaurants. However ironically last year we were in a fine hotel overlooking the Conway valley looking at properties to buy in Wales what a year we have had.

Due to a Care Quality Commision inspection at Rachel's hospital we could not celebrate abroad which would have been our preference, having celebrated our 25th on the Nile. In fact much like our wedding day 30 years ago when Rachel had to be back at work the next day as they would not give her leave.....the NHS has and continues to be a major influence in our lives.

So today we are having a cruise down the Coventry.... Not sure where we will stop but it will be in the middle of nowhere where we can reflect, relax and maybe plan for the coming year.

Watch this space .....


  1. Many congratulations to you both. Have a lovely day.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two romantics. Married on Valentines day? Cant get any better then that. Hope you had a fabulous day. Xxxx

  3. Huge congratulations from both of us. Here's to another 30!