Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A fluorescent granny on the canals

We took a walk to the Fradley Coop down the Coventry on Saturday afternoon. Just outside Fradley we met a boat(er) know to us, again from the blogging community - if that makes sense. Anyhow I hailed him and he gave a pleasant nod and carried on.... so much for my face on the canals.

Anyhow on we went, got our supplies and by the time we got back to Fradley Junction  I was surprised he was not moored up.

He was Andrew Denny of Granny Buttons fame and was seemingly on a mission to cruise into a very cold night in a bid to get to Willington the next day.

We caught up with him at Hunts and reintroduced myself whereby he recalled who I was and my last boat (blog) Serious evening cruising single handed in winter, so top marks for that. We had a catch up, he declined tea for his mission was to get past the river section that night !

Anyhow here is is fluorescing on his way. we did close the gates for him for which he was unnecessarily grateful.


Halfie said...

He possibly wasn't grateful for being blinded by your flash!

Nev Wells said...

Lol.... that would explain his zig zagging down to Common lock then