Tuesday, 24 February 2015

English tonight....and the benefits of an opposing thumb

One small positive thing that being a LAT brings is food selection. Ok I have to cook myself (not a problem as we shared the cooking when not LAT'ing) and I have to do the washing up, yes no dishwasher on this tug !

On my way to Percy after work last night I called into Morrisons and purchased my food selection for the rest of the week - in a basket. Last night it was Chicken Jalfrezi, tonight as the title suggests it was smoked Cod with mash, cauliflower, Broccoli and carrots.

Tomorrow I/we if Leia gets left overs.... more on that later*,  will be eating Italian, Pasta with salad, olives and garlic bread. Leaving Thursday for a simple chicken and sweetcorn soup with extra noodles added, and I might eat the second nan with it 'cause I can !

* Confession time, I had a two people piece of Cod tonight and a tad too much mash. That is the risk, eating for two and not in the normal pregnant way. Italian will be easier as I'll cook for two and eat the second for lunch at work on Thursday.

I am also having to drink a bottle of Rioja to myself !

One positive I am not doing puddings.... maybe some fruit but that is all.

So dear reader fear not for me on the food front. I am eating around the world this week. I think we are Greeking it on Saturday for Toms birthday.

So now I have to decide on Netflix or the football - and as Leia does not have an opposing thumb I have the remote all to myself.

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