Friday, 27 March 2015

Ancient spiritual woodlands are where my heart is

If I could have the ultimate home it would be in the middle of a wood. Not too dissimilar to the great log cabin Tom took us to last year... I blogged about it here  Now if there was a canal running through it  - heaven. I really must go back to the woods above Woodend lock - that is such a place and I have said before one of my very favourite locations to moor.

Anyhow I am not aboard at the moment but back in the South Downs. I still cannot believe such beauty and tranquility exists so close to some large populations. It is only this that makes me hanker for my log cabin in the woods of the Galloway forest - now that is a remote area.  

I feel I need to share my walk today - after working in the cottage I took Leia out up onto the hills and into the East Dean forest. It was all mine.....the twilight was approaching and it was just magical. I walked much further than I planned.... I kept walking paths away from the cottage, being tempted into the charms of the forest, it felt like an enchanted forest,  it was quite a spiritual experience.

Leia hunts squirrels and when she chases one up a tree she yaps to encourage them to come down.... they never do !

So here we are in the middle of the forest.... if you can stand the yapping... it stops but it also echo's so wonderfully I think.

Please go large screen and turn the sound up...well after Leia stops her yapping !

We came to a beautiful view of the setting sun.... I just stood watched and drank in the expansive views of my England. I imagined who else had stood in this spot over the years marvelling as I was at  natures spectacle.

I'm sorry you were not there with me to share the joy.


Carol said...

A wonderful walk Nev thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Sue said...

Yes fantastic place Nev, I used to ride through there and have also walked.. Vic's sister lived in West Dean so I know the area well. Great Video and lovely to see Leia so well.

Penny also tried to ask the squirrels to come down, but it doesn't work for her either!

Nev Wells said...

Hi Sue, I have never ridden a horse but I really fancy a trek through some of the bridleways around here. We did a circular walk that took us through West Dean a couple of weeks ago - there is a little shop there now so we stopped for supplies and coffee, it is a really nice little village on the river/brook. Beautiful beautiful countryside