Monday, 23 March 2015

Three days to watch a film ! A timelapse video for you tells the story

One thing that I do not like abut living aboard is being static. We brought Percy to cruise on.... the engine note deserves to be listened to and shared !

So on a whim on Friday morning we decided to explore the Barton Marina cinema and dining experience. The film Suite Francaise  was a worthy watch, sad, romantic and sobering. The food beforehand was well presented and the atmosphere in the restaurant prior to the film was good.

So we may do it again. Not sure I'd want the marina mooring, good if you were just living afloat, not cruising and wanted facilities but I prefer nature to pubs. It was not lost on me on a beautiful Sunday morning only one boat came out of the marina !

Anyhow the trip....

Back from work Friday evening we did the car shuffle leaving a car at Barton Turns marina then we set off in the twilight to Alrewas.

Saturday AM we cruised off from Alrewas to Barton turns then picked up the car and went off to Derby to help Sharon and Andy with some house packing and disposals... back to the boat, shower, bit of Rugby then a walk over to the Marina for food and cinema.

Sunday was a fine cruise back to Alrewas, water up, long walk up to Wychnor park and back in lovely sunshine. Then a cruise back to Fradley followed by a ride up to Ripley to visit someone in hospital.

Anyhow you may wish to see the compressed canal bit..... so here it is. Captured on a GoPro at one shot every 10 seconds.

Click here to go and watch on Youtube.

Or here is you wish to stay on the page...

First time I have tried this and it was interesting to watch back so may do it again.


  1. Excellent video Nev, well done!

  2. So that's where you were. We were down at Fradley at the weekend and had a walk down to Alrewas early Sunday morning. The gap now makes sense. Love the video. Might have to look at investing in a 'Go-Pro' for the summer cruise.

    1. ....summer cruise sounds good - all over now I guess job wise?

    2. Almost Nev. 6 more working days as I type this and then a week on the boat to use up my leave. I fully intend to be sat on the boat with a bottle of wine come 5pm on 9th April.

  3. Great video Nev

  4. Very good. I like the captions telling the story.

  5. Thanks for the positive comments. I think next time I will go for 5 or 3 second intervals - more images but a more fluid movie afterwards