Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Solar Powered Pagan Person Possibly Probably

I reflect a lot. Having time on my own on the boat allows this amongst other things. I was musing to Leia the other day about power and our use of it when aboard.

I got back to Percy with 100% on the Smartgauge I left this morning with 92% and I hope to have a full 100% again tonight. I really like having a light touch on the planet on how I live... but maybe that is for another day.

Anyhow I was thinking that to stay alive I rely fully on the sun  - I therefore think if I were to worship anything it would be the sun. I think that sends me on the path to Paganism, but lets not go there today !

All I eat relies on the sun, the water I drink is evaporated and condensed from the sea by the sun. I am warmed by the sun and I live my day by its rising and setting. Even the coal I burn is from the trees grown by the sun.

I like the sun a lot.

We were discussing this at the weekend and I was, as I tend to do, extolling the virtues of my resource limited solar powered life aboard. I wished for a time we took the sun and its provision more seriously as a way to reduce or eliminate our demands for power. The on the news last night there was a report that if I heard it correct predicted solar would be delivering  more power to our homes that gas by 2020

This makes interesting reading

I cannot understand why every new house does not have some form of solar capture device built in. Devices such as fridges and freezers should have battery storage included. It will happen. We will then use what fossil resources we have left to develop and expand solar technologies (as well as the other renewable capture technologies)

But solar is it for me.... we have a resource that will last for billions of years and to put this into context...

One second of the Sun's energy output would power the USA for 9 million years !!! 

All hail the sun (other worship-able objects/deities are available)


Graham said...

One problem could be that harvesting the sun's energy requires the use of environmentally damaging materials as a trade off. No such thing as a free heat.


I can see why ancient civilizations did worship the sun! As one grows older I think we appreciate sunny days more.It's been wonderful today.

Nev Wells said...

I am sure you are right, but got to be better than the harm from using fossil fuels.... until they run out then we will have nothing to use to develop the sun harvesting technologies? Plus yes there is such a thing as free heat.... in a few weeks time my boat will not need to be heated for many months, that is free to me ? I think you meant free power, which I agree but with the technology getting cheaper based on new production methods the impacts to get free power will lessen all the time.