Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Wanted - More bloggers, your canals need you.

I have been following canal blogs for many years, well before I owned my own boat. We were sharing within the Ownerships scheme when I discovered Snecklifter, a dry witted and entertaining blog of 3 year life that extended to 5 years on the cut. It was regular, informative and entertaining. I exchanged a few email with Mike the blogger and was saddened when he went back to the bank - somewhere Matlock way I recall.

Since then I have followed many and still have an extensive blog roll on the right. There are a few that sadly pass on, not so many pleasingly, but there are a few who give up and take to the land and a few who just stop without notice.

This last group I find the hardest to contend with as it is like a friend walking out of your life with no goodbye, selfish on my part to think this I know.

Some you can see the writing on the wall so to speak and I cannot blame them for seeking out a little home comfort especially when they have done much of the system, more than once.

I hope one day to be one of the group on the right giving others a vicarious fix of canal life, even if it is 8-10 months a year. Of course this time of the year only the hardy are out and about and I include those I know who spend a good deal of time aboard on my moorings. I did it last year and it is cosy, satisfying but ultimately  hard work and can be lonely.

But for now and the reason for this post is to add another new blog to my blog roll.

My view from the loo please click the title to take you to the blog.

I'll leave the explaining of the title to Mandy, I know it will be an interesting read so I would encourage you to bookmark it or whatever you do to get a reminder there is an update.

If anyone else reads my musings and wishes to have their blog linked to on the right please drop me a line  - happy to oblige and get another slice of canal life to read about.


Halfie said...

You make me feel guilty about not blogging for a while, Nev. I've somehow got out of the habit - well, a post a day is difficult to keep up (I don't know how Sue (No Problem) - among other prolific bloggers - manages it!)

Nev Wells said...

Hi John, you should not feel guilty, you did a great job on your big cruise this year. Andrew Denny also got in touch, he is still on his blogging break ! How is the retirement, have you plans to cruise again next year for the same time?

Halfie said...

I can thoroughly recommend retirement! Yes, we're planning another extended cruise next year, not quite sure where though.