Monday, 2 November 2015

Misty last cruise of the year.... Maybe ?

The blog post is a little misleading as we are now able to go a long distance if we wanted to (tempting). Sunday we were pointing into the stoppages with no winding hole between us so we either left Percy as she was or took an autumnal cruise to point her back the way we prefer - to Hunts lock and cruising routes beyond.

In reality we may not move again this year but that will not stop visits and maybe some work parties. 

Sunday when we got to the boat was misty and foggy - I have always wanted a foggy cruise, very atmospheric. I would of course prefer a real pea souper, this was more heavy mist I guess, but still a nice cruise. 

What we did not expect was the amount of boats moving. I guess they were all scurrying past the stoppages that start at Bagnall lock today (Monday 2nd November). We were even quizzed by a boater as he came up Bagnall - "am I clear of the stoppages now?" The tell tale surveyors marks on his newly acquired P&J showed he was either a new boater or a boater with a new(ish) boat.

The fencing was ready for the shutdown. A couple of my boating neighbours were looking forward to the peace of 6 weeks of no boat movements.

What was noted since we last did this run was the new moorings between Common and Bagnall locks. Plus the mooring x 3 above Common lock.

Interesting since when I enquired about two pieces of land in the area on both occasions  was advised it was unlikely under the mooring reduction program - remember that as I think it might have been lost in the BW to C&RT change over  !!

Another blogger passing through, this time Barry and Sandra from 'The Home Brew Boat'  Sadly  only got time to exchange a few pleasantries with Barry before they went off to their winter trade mooring at Mercia (a great idea) As I am less than 5 miles from Mercia  based I may visit to check out their merchandise.

I took this photo to remind me how the rear fenders are installed as I have brought them home to 'creosote' them as advised by Joe Hollinshead who made them for me. The same Joe that was helping Tim and Pru down those challenging Knowle locks on TV last night.

Finally a little YouTube video to keep me reminded of what my boat sounds like ! The wobble half way through was me dropping to neutral as I thought there was a boat coming down.... the reality was Rachel was waiting for me to deliver a windlass - basic boating error - we were rusty !

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