Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dear diary....

Just for my record a few other non boaty bits to look back on at the end of the year.

After getting Percy back on the Thursday 8th October it was down south with my mum and my aunty for a visit to the cottage. A small detour off the A38 to clean the grass and mess off the boat then the 200 mile commute.

On Saturday I drove another 100 miles to Greenwich for a day with family and to show my mum where Callum and Emma live. We took a walk into Greenwich.

Its a lively dynamic place - ideal for young people or people who want that lifestyle, nice to see, not for me. We caught the tube to Canary Wharf then into London central to catch Miss Saigon in the West End

We ended the day at The Green Pea.... a mad eatery that has a real character of an owner. It is rated as the 19th best eatery out of 19,000 London restaurants - no small feat for the place -well done Tom. A great meal then another 100 mile drive back to Chichester.

On Sunday we took a trip into Chichester for shopping and then a walk on the beach at Bosham before I drove the 200 miles back to Derby.... ready for work on Monday !

The bike did get a run out the following Sunday, breakfast at CMC in Chesterfield then a great run through Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

As I type this I am back down south, helped by Callum to cut all the very large Beech hedges and generally tidying up the garden. Our lovely neighbour allowed us to help her collect many apples from her orchard.... baked apples for pudding tonight ! Then an early night and a 200 mile drive back to Derby in the morning for a days work..... then rest (ish) more on that later.

Most of the post was written on Sunday, Wednesday now and fencing ordered and DIY planned for a Derby weekend. I would like to get to Percy to wind the boat at Alrewas before they close Bagnall lock meaning no opportunities to wind the boat before Christmas. It will also make our pound very quiet as there should be no boat movements apart from the regular trips to the water point.

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