Tuesday, 6 October 2015

He checked out the boat and did not like it....

I had the pleasure of a real fisherman come calling but he did not stay long. I made it to Tixell wide before the heavens really did open so I hastened a mooring and took shelter... from this 

To this  - the lights are on in the back cabin it got so dark.

In the early evening I did a spot of fishing, while waiting for a fish to be hooked a Kingfisher zipped in and perched on the T stud, took one look at me and was off. I think he would have used the T stud as a fishing place if another less able fisherman was not already in residence.

I did not quite make my destination as I lazed in bed and did not have the first Penkridge lock set with Leia's assistance until 7.30am, the half an hour would have been enough to get me onto the T&M. I was hailed by a lady from NB 'Poppy' I think, one of the few that reads my ramblings, she correctly commented I should have beed past sooner - sticky head on pillow syndrome - sorry and sorry I did not catch your name, please let me know.

This made me smile, clamping is illegal now, not sure how this would be viewed....

A good cruise in mainly autumnal sunshine.

Tomorrow is once again a reverse of today, late start late finish as it will be raining hard when I get up....

Now stoves or rather chimneys, as I do not wish my new paint to be stained by tar from the fire smoke I have purchased a new double skinned chimney, Only to find the internal skin is not making a joint with the inner flue... I have read up and the common sense thing it to get a cheap internal flue extension and cloak it with a single skin chimney..... any advice?


Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same problem with my first chimney. I have sorted it now by putting my hand in my pocket and getting a proper one from the little chimney people on the coventry canal. However my temporary fix was a metal sheet folded into a cone such that the smaller cone fitted up into the inner skin of the chimney and the larger end blocked the flue (I have a bend which conveniently stopped it being pushed all the way down into the fire)

Kath nb.bobcat

Nev Wells said...

Hi Kath,

Thanks for the information.... I was going to investigate the liners that MC sell to see if I could adapt one of them into my existing double skinned chimney. The out skin on the chimney does not drop all the way down the collar resulting in the gap between the inner skin and the inner of the flue....If all else fails I'll lash something up and look for the Chimney boat on the Coventry !