Sunday, 11 October 2015

Mission accomplished

Percy landed back on her moorings 4pm on Thursday 8th October. We left our mooring on the 28th June, so over three months but I think it was worth it. It was a 49 mile trip with 43 locks.

We have had so many compliments on both the boat and the engine. Of course while it is nice to receive such, asking where is Cobden junction is and what is the engine etc we have had Percy painted as is was due and with some TLC should see us through our boating 'career'.

We now have a boat to be proud of and apart from some furniture modifications plus a new stove in the back cabin should be sorted for the foreseeable future - Ha whatever that is.

Sadly I had to leave Percy to come back for family stuff at the hospital.

This weekend sees me wizzing off to Chichester then London back to Chichester then Derby for work (ergh) next week.

What a contrast to the last two weeks in beautiful wales and then the beautiful English canals.

Before and after on the moorings ......


ditchcrawler said...

Not sure I can post a picture here so try this
its very shiny so was hard to photo

Nev Wells said...

Lol.... thanks for the pic... no so shiny in the other side now since Cart strimmed grass up the whole side of the boat !!