Saturday, 9 September 2017

Clocked off

I am labouring a little on this event but to be honest until your time comes - and I hope you are planning for it, no one can really understand how emotional it is to leave the safety of work. Some will find it easier as they move around in different careers and different time spans in any one place of work. For me it was harder to say goodbye as I had been in one place for the last 30 years !

In some ways I still do not feel like I am retired, I guess that comes with time.

Yesterday the 8th September 2017 was my day. I received the most wonderful send off from colleagues current and I was so pleased to see colleagues from the past, some had made considerable time and distance sacrifices to be with my family and myself.

I was selfish and asked my family to be with me, I was nervous and unsure on my reactions. I wanted to show off my wonderful, beautiful family. It is why I have been in work and it is what work has supported me in achieving.  I will be eternally grateful for my luck in that respect.

Many came  - some were absent by choice no doubt and that pleased me as I only wanted those who wanted to be there there. I was showered with gifts and beautiful cards with lovely words, I am not normally a keeper of cards but these marked the respect and friendships I have enjoyed over a long time.

There were some I thought about who could not be with me as they had passed, some while working which is so sad but makes the need to enjoy and feel blessed all the more important.

I received sage advice from some who had gone before, retire with pride and dignity don't focus on the bits that were not right, focus on all what has been good. My colleagues made that very easy to do.

So I am very very lucky to be free from work at the age of 55. It has come at cost  - financial which is significant. However as I have said to so many this was the time in my life I had the option to buy time. Not all have such a privilege and in my thinking and planning it was not an option to pass it by.

I have changed my timer on the side bar to now count up from my last day of work, rather than what was there counting down to it. Let's see what retirement is like then !



LittleInsect said...

Have a long and happy retirement Nev. I'm glad you could retire by choice. Mine was enforced, and I found it very hard to adapt, and rethink my life. However, you know people say 'I wonder I ever found time to work'? Well, it's true. There's so much to fill my life with now. I hope yours is the same

Andrew Tidy said...

You may be retired from full time work but not from life. Other more interesting activities come along, some paid and some not, a of course boating offers an amazing platform for a different way of life for the summer months.

Carol said...

Wishing you a long and happy retirement. Time for new adventures Nev ... enjoy them at your leisure.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for the best wishes. I'm a great believer in things are meant - it helps smooth stuff over when it feels wrong and so far this outlook has been 'right' it feels like a great adventure

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Andy.... one thing I do need to do is get the stove fitted in the back cabin.... hopefully this will then extend the cruising all year - I do like autumn and winter cruising - not the ice though.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks Carol, just read you blog post about cruising in the rain and the Thames looks very inviting.

Georgina Davis said...

Enjoy all you can Nev,and spare a thought,as you will,for all those who did not and cannot have their retirement.lots of love,big sis.xxxxxxx

Carol said...

Will look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future here on the Thames Nev.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Pam, yes every day will have a little time set aside for reflection. I try not to take anything for granted .... I also know how lucky I am