Monday, 11 September 2017

Ok, let's go cruising ...

Far too much stuff about me retiring, let's blog about some canal boating.

We got to Percy last night and unpacked and watered up. I have a tender back, so Rachel did the wheel barrow run to the car while I was on the towpath water point, this works well as we do not have to carry stuff over the lock.

Suitably watered up and bed made up we repaired to the cabin and to keep the boat a little warmer I chucked a £1 instant log in the wood burner that gave out a decent amount of heat for about 2 hours.

This morning I excelled by having a whisky before 11 .... it was a small toast to those who were not with me physically but elsewhere in the universe. Cheers Dad and Charles. It was a nice 12 year old single malt given to me by Tom my eldest son.

Leia was getting impatient, whispering in my ear she wanted a walk !, Yes I have a selfie stick now !

The forecast this morning was showers till 11 then clear till three'ish. They lied.... we had some lovely weather but when it did rain it was heavy. I waited until 11 which gave me the chance to watch Raymond come down Hunts with a long line.... in shortening the line the steerer nearly got into a pickle, some heavy engine work was needed  - hence the black smoke.

When we did get going at 11 our passage was made easier by lockies on all 5 Fradley locks. A boat came down and winded at the junction which slowed us as we had to wait for an up and down at Middle  - and it rained hard for 10 minutes but then beautiful sunshine when we ascended Shadehouse. Just an hour to do the locks.

The weather gave us a show of its intentions at Woodend lock with this view forward up the beautiful stretch to Kings Bromley.

The clouds looming ominous looking back to Fradley 

We had an escort all the way into Armitage  - a Kingfisher kept just out of photo range for a good mile - moving on as the boat approached. 

We stopped briefly in Rugelely for some supplies at Tesco then made our way to just short of bridge 69 for the evening. We passed an interesting boat on the single armco mooring here, Lord Byrons Maggot  - it was called !! A quick Google advises it is a dance !

Tomorrow an early start as the better weather is in the earlier part of the day. Plus I'd like not to be in a queue at Colwich lock. 

All in all a decent days boating, 10 minutes short of the 4 hours 50  CanalPlanAC advised.


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

My boat blog would love to be full of boat adventures like yours! I need to get out more on Tickety Boo! Unfortunately work and life get in the way. Thanks for a lovely read Nev. Just one question? Why where you drinking whiskey so late in the day? Lovely post great photos ��

Nev Wells said...

Hi Debbie, well my life was also congested with work so I let go of the nut - seek other posts, and retired. It'll cost me money but I get the interest in time. It was a bit shoddy to be drinking so late ..... I'll no doubt make up for it next week when a couple of friends come on board. Take care Nev

Sarah said...

That's Brighton, not Raymond....

Elsie said...

Enjoy your retirement Nev. It's a good life we took early retirement and have loved our ten years on the boat. Have fun Elsie & Eric

Elsie said...
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Nev Wells said...

... It's an age thing ( me not the boats)

Nev Wells said...

Hi Elsie & Eric, thats good to hear, I hope I get 10 year plus on Percy, take care