Thursday 21 September 2017

Thinking of Les Biggs at Consall

It is a fine thing to inspire people. Many years ago when I was toiling away and planning a future of less work and more boating one picture of the many on the bloggers blogs was by Les Biggs   who took a shot that inspired me to plan to do the same ... 'someday'.

Well that someday arrived as they all do and I managed to get my shot at the same location. I have unashamedly saved Les' picture that was taken August 25th 2006 over 11 years ago.

There was a boat in front of me so I could not get the exact same shot and we were pointing the other way but the shot pleased me greatly and I have to thank Rachel for her forbearance while I waiting outside to get the shot.

The trip then had a real connection as coming back down the T&M just past Burston  we passed a green boat and it was Jaq's boat with Jaq waving to me through the window. Some dubious boat manoeuvres saw me hop off for a 10 minute chat while John and Mick took Percy on to the next lock. It was a treat to catch up and have the briefest of chats. But I know where Jaq will be over the winter so I can hopefully get more time to talk and offer any help I can. I'd also like Rachel to meet up as well. She is a truly amazing person who is also an inspiration but for a different reason. I am not sure I know of a person with more character and determination. I was just sorry we were on a mission to get my co crew back for the weekend so I could not spend more time chatting.

As it is we are now sitting out the forecast rain at Woolsley Bridge with food being the reason for the location as we have eaten at the pub by the bridge on a few occasions. 

I have much more to blog about for this trip but wished to put my thoughts onto my blog and dedicate them to a fantastic couple of inspirational people. 

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