Monday, 30 April 2018

Boat job done (tick) and a year passes

On another mad Saturday I actually got a boat job done ....

So that's a degrease, rust treatment (1 day) prime (2nd day) and then this pic was the bilge paint   - job done apart from putting the floor back and returning all the paraphernalia to its normal home. I wonder who will open this area up in the future to do this job again... maybe in another 20 years hopefully   - Me !! 

Before I got to the boat I went out in the dry then rain across the Peak District (lovely)  to look for motorcycle boots (CMC Chesterfield) as my trusty Altbergs now leak a little and with three trips on the bike coming up I need dry feet as one trip is Scotland.

Then down to Derby to see my mum who is 83 on Friday - yikes !

Then over to the boat to pain the bilge.... then over to Uttoxeter to get some rubble sacks from B&Q for a little cottage job, then home to the cottage.

I celebrated Sunday by filling 27 rubble sacks with excess stone and giving the bike a good wash as I may be selling it ... wanna buy a nice 2008 Honda Deauville just passed its MOT for another year ...

The really important news is Teddy Wells hit one this weekend  - a lovely afternoon with him celebrating and opening many many presents.

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