Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Other people living their dreams

I spend some quality time between the boat and the cottage recently. While at the cottage working in the garden I kept hearing the whistle of the steam train in the valley.

The Churnet valley railway have been running an American locomotive  - well I recall it has USA on the side! Anyhow it has a distinct whistle - see the blog about the valley monster here .

When working away it was apparent it was a different loco and it was also making more runs so we set to and walked to the valley floor and sure enough a little green Pannier tank engine sped over the river bridge just as we were walking under it.

Seems they were running an 'experience day' where you can pay to be an engine driver for the day... living the dream for some. I waited for it to return from Froghall for this little bit of video

I know I keep prattling on about how beautiful this bit of canal is, well worth the trip up  - plus there is a lot of wood waiting as a reward !

It also looks like we have Deer in the woods..

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