Tuesday, 9 October 2018

An engine problem puts a spanner in the works !

It's a little ironic that I have spent so much time and effort cleaning both the inside and outside of Percy that when I come to move the boat today (late September) to more easily clean the port side the engine failed me. One of the best tools you have is your own ears and straight away it was obvious to me the donk was only running on one cylinder. This was was confirmed by one of the two exhaust port pipes staying cool when the other was hot.

Lots of spannering and pleasingly followed the same diagnostics as a helpful boater on one of the forums .... we both came to the same conclusion, a failed or faulty fuel pump to the left hand cylinder.... see pic

I recalled Kevin (Country House Gent ex Youtuber) had a similar issue on his engine and he found a place in Sheffield who refurbished his pump. I got in touch with Kevin and he gave the company a glowing recommendation (I will if they sort me out).

So Sunday after a short break in the South Downs to see our ex neighbour and help pick her apples from the rather large orchard on the way back we swung by Percy in the near dark and I took the pump off.

Today as the weather was so nice I took it for a bike ride to Sheffield to the company who are gong to strip it (hopefully confirm my thoughts - its FUBARR'd) and provide a price for what is needed to get it going. I have a belt and braces approach as I need to move the boat in that I have also ordered a spare from Stationary engine parts  - a complete unit that if I do get the original repaired I may well keep as a back up spare should one or the other go again. If the Sheffield company do a decent job on the one they have now I may even take the other off and get it sorted before it fails me  ! 

Nice day for it .....

Well.... I am the wiser now as it was not a failed pump, in fact Sheaf diesel spares stripped and cleaned it and diagnosed an air lock and showed me (when I collected it) how to correctly bleed the pump.

I nipped it over to Percy yesterday 3rd October, and after two attempts to bleed it the correct way via the top collet it fired up on both cylinders -lovely !! So I have cancelled the order for a replacement and celebrated by chopping the remaining oak and willow that I'll bring back to the cottage to burn on the log burner and open fire as I prefer coal on the boat.

So one step nearer the move away from Fradley. This week I'll do its last wind at Alrewas for a while and have the boat pointing towards Great Haywood and then all points west !

I would highly recommend http://www.sheafdieselservices.com/  they were very helpful and very quick in sorting me out.

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