Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Now this is a good thing

I have rambled on about internet quite a few times on this blog. I think in this age we live the internet is essential - well it is for me. So what have I got to say on all things internet this time.

Well it's 3  -they have made a very sensible change to their service. Many who live on boats use tethering to get their internet. Basically using your phone as an internet connected device and then connecting to the phone from tablets/kindles/laptops etc. In fact I am typing this using my phone as the bridge to the internet. They limited this depending on what account you had. I had a 30gb tether limit - quite a lot for some, but I regularly used this up streaming tv like Iplayer and Netflix, Youtube as well and Skype etc.

So now 3 have removed this limit - basically you can tether to whatever data capacity your contract has. As mine is unlimited data I now can tether unlimited  - now that is a good thing. Well done 3. As I only pay £18 this is a very decent deal now.

As an aside I have finally got a decent FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) deal with Plusnet at home so I can dispense with 4g Homefi contract I have, that'll save me a few pounds also.

One thing I will try when next on the boat is to forward my number to another sim card - one of those cheap by the checkout sims and then put my 3 sim card into my 3 Homefi unit. Previously 3 have detected this and blocked its use as a tethered type service. The reason for me doing this is two fold. The 3 Homefi unit has a much better wireless range and aerial when in the boat and secondly using your phone as a personal hotspot is a battery killer so you tend to run the phone on a charger that also does not do the battery much good.


Julia & Mark said...

Yes the changes to 3 useage is very welcome. We have the 40gb with huawei mifi contract ( until Feb/19) & a couple of weeks ago got the 100gb sim only deal, we were going use an old phone as a hotspot but out of interest tried it in the huawei unit & works fine 😁
All this data means we have been able to ditch our satellite dish which was 10 yrs old & due for replacement & not have to look for the signal every time we move.
Wasn’t too sure about Netflix but we are now converts, ‘go binge’is brilliant & if we want ‘live’ tv we use tv plaver, all through an Amazon fire stick. Modern technology eh .....

Nev Wells said...

It’s good to know that the phone sim is not being blocked if put in a mifi type unit. I do not watch any live tv anymore - home or on the boat, the internet really has changed the way we consume our entertainment - all for the good imho.

All I need to do now is work out a way to power my 3 homefi unit direct from a 12v socket rather than the inverter. I do have an old EE Mywifi unit that i could no doubt unlock. - that is 12v

Another little project and like you the changes are very welcome.